Can a Rebound Relationship Be a Happy Relationship?

In theory, a rebound relationship, like any other relationship, can be happy, if you know how to make it work. However, in practice a rebound relationship usually is everything but happy. Why does this happen and can’t you make it work?

Why Rebound Relationships Are Destined to Be Unhappy Relationships

First, let’s clarify what a happy relationship means. It depends on how you define happiness – some people are happy just to be in a relationship, any relationship, but if your criteria aren’t that low and for you a happy relationship is a relationship where there is love, then a rebound relationship will hardly work for you.

Rebound relationships start as an attempt to forget an ex. Yes, there might be some form of attraction between you and your partner, but if you weren’t mourning your ex love, you would hardly start this relationship with this particular person. You see, the foundation is wrong from the very start.

Why Can’t You Make a Rebound Relationship Work?

Of course, there are cases when you can make a rebound relationship work but this is relatively rare and you shouldn’t count on that. When the beginning is wrong, it takes much more effort to get on solid ground and very often it is simply not worth the effort.

When you are in a rebound relationship, you are less picky. You are heart-broken and you are an easy victim to a loser who is desperate for any relationship. This is why you usually hookup with somebody who is way below you in terms of character, achievements, or social standing. For the loser your broken heart might be a gift because you aren’t resisting his or her advances but this isn’t a solid base to build a stable and happy relationship on.

In the other case, when your present partner is an upgrade over your so precious ex, it is also doomed. You won’t get over your ex and your partner will hardly accept to become second in the unfair race with your past.

Any rebound date with a brain will show compassion for some time but after that he or she will become aware of the fact that you are simply using him or her to mend your broken heart and will most likely dump you. In fact, anybody with self-respect won’t stay in such a relationship, so even if you want to prolong the agony, you won’t be able to do it on your own.

This is why it is best to spot a rebound relationship early. When you do it before things get really serious, it is less painful to breakup. Well, breakups are hardly pleasant but there are bitter and less bitter breakups, so you’d better head for the second type.

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